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JRNBA Skills

JRNBA programs are predominantly used for young athletes to learn fundamental movement skills, while acquiring basketball skills at the same time. Forest City Basketball focuses on age appropriate drills to ensure athlete satisfaction. Our JRNBA program is mostly drill oriented with a small sample size of actual game play. Great for beginners who are looking for an introduction to basketball in a fun welcoming environment.
We include a Jersey and Basketball to get your child started on the right path.

If your child is looking for actual game play head over to our 3×3 league description.

3×3 League

Our 3×3 League is designed for athletes who prefer games over drills. We love the 3×3 model for young athletes as it guarantees more time spent with the basketball than traditional 5×5. Our 3×3 league use referees with playing experience to help guide your child through the complex rules of basketball. Our leagues are a ton of fun and we love seeing our athletes improve.

We include a Jersey as part of our 3×3 league.

Girls Only JRNBA

Our Girls Only JRNBA is similar to our JRNBA programs. We understand the importance of introducing and keeping females involved in sports. We mostly use female coaches with playing experience to be positive role models for your child. We focus on a fun age appropriate experience for girls who want to try basketball.

We include a Jersey and Basketball to get your child started on the right path.

About Forest City Basketball

We are an introductory program for youth to learn the game in a fun and welcoming environment. We are training the next generation of athletes and leaders in our community.

We offer JRNBA skills clinics, 3×3 leagues/tournaments and Girls Only clinics.

Our programs typically run for 6-8 weeks, once or twice per week on a seasonal schedule.

Why Forest City Basketball Training?

We aim to provide a fun, welcoming environment so kids can discover a love for the game!

Everything your kid will need to build confidence and thrive

Youth basketball is a fantastic opportunity for your child to not only develop their physical abilities, but also build confidence off the court. We encourage teamwork and leadership skills to help your children develop intangible life long habits.

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Summer Camps

We plan to offer our first summer camps in 2024!


We currently do not play in any leagues or have any formal teams but are exploring options to start AAU teams!

Monday 3×3 League

Come experience the joy of playing live games. We strongly believe 3×3 is a great way for kids to develop their game and learn the rules of basketball. Players spend more time with the ball and have more space on the court than traditional 5×5. With these opportunities players will feel more comfortable once they experience a live 5×5 game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are beginner to intermediate house league style of play. We do have some advanced players but most are just learning the game.

We are very accommodating and understand the needs and schedules of families with kids.

We currently rent community schools and recreation centres. We are exploring options to have our own facility.

We run our programs year round and each session typically runs for one hour, once per week for 7-8 weeks in length. We have Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall programs.

The average cost of our programs is between $165-$200. Most programs include a basketball and jersey or a returning player discount.